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Zen Gee Counseling offers a wide range of services to our customers.
    * Individual Therapy/Rehabilitation/Case
    * Group Therapy/Rehabilitation
       Domestic Violence,  Substance Use & Abuse, Autism
    * Family/Marital Counseling
    * Testing Services 
    * Telemedicine - Provided through Oklahoma NeuroPsychiatric Institute (ONPI); Telemedicine, offers clients  access to psychiatric services concerning medicine management, as appropriate.

Each consumer has the right to receive services suited to his/her condition regardless of race, religion, gender identity, color, sex, national origin, gender, ethnicity, age, disability/handicap, sexual orientation, or the ability to pay or the pay source. A Sliding Fee Schedule and Application are available to afford equal access to services. Payments accepted:  Medicaid and Private Pay.
SFS Application
Zen Gee Laboratories:
Alcohol and Drug Testing
  • 5-Panel & 9-Panel
  • Bath Salts - K-2
  • Alcohol Testing

DNA Testing
  • Paternity/Maternity
  • Grand Parentage
  • Ancestry/Adoptions
  • Immigration Petitions
  • Sibling Relationships
  • Twins: Identical vs. Fraternal

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